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LuxVac Sonic Face Sculptor

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Step It Up to Sonic

A step up from traditional sculpting tools, the LuxVac Sonic Face Sculptor vibrates at 6000 sonic pulsations per minute.

These pulsations mimic a deep tissue massage, stimulating deep into the muscles and improving circulation and blood flow.

What is Facial Sculpting?

Facial sculpting is a massage technique used to stimulate the facial energetic points by sculpting in outward fluid motions. 

These motions stimulate the facial muscles, boost lymphatic drainage andincrease blood flow around the facial area.

Combined, these effects work to tone the facial muscles, reduce puffiness (especially around the eyes) and instantly brighten complexion.


Relieves muscle tension and reduces puffiness -  especially around the eyes and cheek bones.

Instantly brightens the complexion - by improving deep circulation, increasing blood and oxygen flow through the facial muscles.

Eliminates toxins - through stimulation of the facial energetic points, boosting lymphatic drainage.

The perfect self-care tool - the energy from the stones transmits positive vibrations into the skin to relieve stress and tension.

Please Note

We advise reading the full instructions prior to first use.