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LuxVac Vanity Makeup Mirror

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✅  Getting Runway-Ready Is Easier Than Ever With Our Mirror! Designed To Give You A Star Quality Beauty Routine. 

✅  Soft-white LED lights surround the mirror to illuminate your face from every angle. This versatile mirror adds light and style wherever you put it!

✅  Doing your makeup will feel so much easier when you can actually see yourself in proper lighting.

✅  Luxurious design for bathroom or bedroom use.


✅  Our mirror has you covered from every angle: Wide-angle viewing for you to clearly see your entire face from any angle.

✅  Tri-Fold Design: Can be folded up when needed. Measures 13.5” when open and 8” when closed. 

✅  Tips back 180 degrees, making it perfect for looking down and applying false eyelashes

✅  Magnification options with 3 panels to suit your every need: 1X, 2X, 3X & 10X magnification

✅  Adjustable Brightness: Built with 22 bright LEDs you're able to adjust the brightness 

✅ Sensor touch button

✅ Rotating Swivel Design: 180* Degree adjustments to your mirror to find the perfect position. 

✅ Multi-Functional: The base of the mirror also acts as a handy little storage compartment for jewelry, tweezers, and other accessories.

✅ Space saving: Tri-folded design will save a lot of space on your table, desk or bathroom.