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LuxVac Portable Dog Water Bottle & Feeder

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Our LuxVac Portable Dog Water Bottle & Feeder is an easy to carry water container with food storage, perfect for those long walks with your fury friends!

Its smart compact design has two compartments, which can hold both food and water.

Water Container- Comes with a capacity of 258ml, to keep your pup thirst free during those long trips!

Food Container- Comes with a capacity of 200ml, perfect for the occasional treat during your walk!


  • Easy to clean- Each part can be separately washed, making it very easy to clean. Simply dissemble the parts and wash them individually ready for your next walk!
  • Leak Proof- Our Portable Dog Water Bottle & Feeder is insulated completely, with a 360 degree silica gel ring making it leak proof and convenient to carry in a back pack or bag. It can store fresh water and food efficiently for long periods of time.
  • Zero Waste- Created with the principals of efficiency and zero waste in mind, it features a reflowing mechanism that is easily controlled from the smart switch. This means you will have full control of the amount of water you are pouring into the bowl. Any water left? No problem simply let it flow back into the bottle and seal again for later use.
  • Easy to carry- The Portable Dog Water Bowl and Feeder comes complete with a carry strap. Its lightweight making it easy to store in a rucksack or bag.

Product is available in a choice of 3 colours.