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LuxVac Cat Scratch Sofa Shield Full Armrest Cover

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Cats caring for their claws is completely natural. Cats particularly need scratch mats so that furniture does not get damaged from their need to scratch. The Cat Scratch Sofa Shield Full Armrest Cover will deter your cat from ruining your sofa! The product covers one complete armrest side of your sofa! 


  • Easy to use- Fold the scratch mat over the arm of your sofa. Pull the remaining fabric under the seat cushion and around the front of the sofa for extra stability and resistance, so your cat will enjoy scratching even more! 
  • Claw Care- One half of the mat is covered with sturdy sisal textile and the other half is made of fabric, which should be placed over and around the front of your sofa. Your furry friend can sharpen his claws while your sofa remains protected. 
  • Pet Friendly Material- The Scratch Mat Sofa Guard uses eco-friendly, non-toxic material that is long lasting. The fabric provides sufficient resistance for a satisfying scratch session! 
  • High Quality Materials for long lasting use!

We suggest you buy in pairs to protect both armrests.

Size: 140cm * 60cm (Approximate size)