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LuxVac Anti-Vomiting Raised Cat Bowls

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Most pets accept vomiting as a natural part of their behaviour, but just because cats seem to have more than their fair share of stomach issues that doesn’t mean you don’t have options.

The LuxVac Anti-Vomiting Raised Cat Bowls are stylish, functional and are designed with your cats well-being in mind! Over 40% of cats suffer with cervical degenerative disc, the major cause of this is due to the cats position whilst eating!

The LuxVac Cat Bowls are designed to prevent any form of neck or back pain, by tilting the bowls 15 degrees to protect the cats cervical spine!


  • Reduce Neck Burden- The comfortable feeding height of our raised cat bowls promote digestive health and makes meal time more comfortable for your cats, especially those with arthritis, back or neck problems. The bowls make swallowing feed easy!
  • Leak Proof- Our raised cat bowls prevent the bowls clanging or leaking onto the floor, due to the sturdy PVC materials.
  • Simple- Our Raised cat bowls are easy to take out for washing and cleaning.

Our bowls are available in black or white.