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LuxVac Anti-Choke Dog Feeding Bowls

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Does your dog like to eat fast? Do they gulp their food down? Do they end up being sick after being fed?

Then we have the answer for you! Our Anti-Choke Dog Feeding Bowls help slow your pet down during feeding time. The Unique design has raised patterns inside so your dog can only pick out small portions of food at a time, reducing the risk of you dog choking.


  • The maze design can slow down the eating speed to prevent the dog from choking or vomiting
  • The slow feeder can help the pet to promote healthy digestion, aswell as preventing bloating, discomfort and dog obesity.
  • The non-slip bottom prevents food spillage and sliding
  • High-quality material ensure the bowl is harmless to your dog
  • The bowls are easy to clean and dishwasher safe!

The product comes in a choice of 3 colours.