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LuxVac Smart Washable Electric Blanket

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 LuxVac Smart Washable Electric Blanket is a new-generation smart electric blanket: Built-in full-line heating wire temperature measurement system, real-time monitoring at night, warning of temperature exceeding, an instantaneous cut-off of power supply to protect family safety.

This can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. When cleaning, please unplug the controller, put the electric blanket in the water below 30 degrees, and add a small amount of neutral detergent to gently scrub by hand or put the electric blanket in the net bag or laundry bag, put it in the washing machine, choose the gentle mode for cleaning. Be careful not to wring, dry in a ventilated place, do not dry clean. Recommended cleaning times: once a year.

  • Intelligent controller, safe and drop-proof insulation
  • 20-52 ℃, 9 modes to control temperature, time can be set, easy to operate
  • The physical mode kills the mites and can drive away from the humidity.
  • Three-layer protection technology,safer to use
  • Plug-in connection coupler, user-friendly design, controller, and electric blanket are easily separated and washed with peace of mind
  • Product specification selection:150* 80cm:

Controller style A * 1, does not support zone control temperature, 20-52 ℃, 9 modes to control temperature, 1-9 hours intelligent timing